01-Flip It to Win It

Flip It To Win It (HGTV)

In HGTV’s Flip It To Win It, a reality TV show by JOHLT Productions, power flippers race to buy distressed homes at auction and flip them for profit. Todd Hill and Michael Kaufman of SVH Homes, Dominique Montes and Krista Garren of Risecon, Mike Bui and Manly Danh, Vinnie Sebastiano and Rick Kaluza, Greg Cromwell and Beau Eckstein, and Josh Michaelian and Alisha Karandikar go for broke in a race against the clock. They scout houses without being allowed inside. They have a scant two hours before the auction to get to as many houses as possible and decide what to bid on. This is the way real auctions work all across the country. It’s a house flipper’s dream and nightmare. When they enter a house they’ve purchased and discover big problems, they could lose tens of thousands. If they walk in and find the house is in good shape, there is money to be made. This is reality television at its best. Watch the scouting, the fast and furious bidding at auction, the dramatic moment when teams see what they’ve bought for the first time, and the makeover and final sale. In the house flipping business, these teams are the renegades who put it all on the line every week. From first scout to putting a house on the market often takes less than 30 days! If you have imagined what it would be like to do a real estate house flip, this series will give you the range of what can go right and wrong. Check out Flip It To Win It from JOHLT Productions.